The Driver

The Driver Director: Tim RussellProducer: Michael WarkProd Comp: Metroscreen


Ngurrumbang STILLS Director: Alex RyanProducer: Jiao ChenProd Comp: Independent TOP

Treading Water

Treading Water Director: Melissa AnastasiProducer: Cathy FlanneryProd Comp: Metroscreen


Omission Director: Omar A. ChowduryProducers: Omar A. Chowdury, Kate Vinen, Annmaree Bell & John Frank.Prod Comp: Azure Productions

Punch Drunk

Punch Drunk Director: Sam Wark Producers: Leah Hallis, Erica Raglus, Sam Wark & Ben Prendergast. Prod Comp: Independent

The Preatures

The Preatures – Manic Baby Director: Alex RyanProducer: Alex RyanProd Comp: Independent

Strange Talk

Strange Talk Director: Costa VakasProducer: Costa VakasProd Comp: Parrallel Management


Tkay Maidza Director: Josh LogueProducer: Michael CookProd Comp: The Feds

Just Jeans

Just Jeans Director: Peanut 3EProducer: Lucas JennerProd Comp: Rabbit Content